Greetings Fellow Travelers!

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Welcome to my travel blog and odd little musings on subjects ranging from world history to the arts!  I hope that you will enjoy the photos, links to videos, and the essays.

My wife Suzanne and I are grateful that we have been able to travel to a number of interesting places for business and pleasure; and we hope to continue traveling internationally as long as we can. The main purpose of this site is to share some of these experiences with you through visual images and commentary.

Starting in 2008, I have begun to organize some of my photographic journals into presentations which I hope will both entertain and inform. In addition, several of the videos commemorate special family events; and these have been posted for the enjoyment of invited viewers as well.

I hope that you will have fun viewing the postings; and that, by viewing the content offered in this blog, you will be encouraged to visit for yourself some of the many exciting places in our wonderful world — either by traveling in person, reading a good book, visiting a museum, seeing a great movie, or just listening to some uplifting music.

Warmest regards – and Happy Travels!

– Bruce


2 thoughts on “Greetings Fellow Travelers!

  1. Rick Legeer

    Tremendous! Looking forward to your

  2. Don Perryman

    Thank you so much for your article “Notes on the Village of Upper Slaughter
    Gloucestershire, United Kingdom” from 2006! John Slaughter, the immigrant, was my wife’s 12th g grandfather and your work was invaluable to me. Also, it left me a bit jealous since I had hoped to get to Great Britain to do some similar legwork for MY ancestors in the southeast. Between COVID and my own health concerns, I’m afraid enjoying your trip vicariously is the closest I will get.

    I was wondering what if anything you might have learned about this family since you returned? I would love to see anything you could share. Also, any chance you could share more of the “Genealogy” by Thomas Slaughter you reference in your article? Again, I would love to see/hear anything you could share. Thanks again for your work, “cousin”.

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