About Bruce and His Blog

France 706

Omaha Beach, Normandy

Bruce Slawter considers himself quite fortunate to have traveled to many exciting regions of the globe – ranging from the arctic north of Russia to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. He has managed to chronicle some of these experiences through amateur photography and video editing programs. His intent is to use this site to share with family and friends some of his adventures and always pithy insights (together with some occasional fits of sarcastic humor).

By the way, if your name is either Rudy Maxa or Rick Steves — don’t worry.  This new blog isn’t going to affect your ability to peddle your crummy little travel programs, books, and services on “viewer-supported” PBS stations.

Hey, just kidding, guys!  In case you didn’t notice, the immediately preceding was supposed to be one of those humorously sarcastic parts.  We really do like the work that you do, and we watch all of your shows.  Love those catchy themes in your brands!  So Rudy, we suggest that you continue to step out smartly with your so-called “Smart Travels.”   (No duh. . .  who wants to travel dumb anyway?)  And for you, Steve:  keep visiting “Europe Through the Back Door,” while we use the front.

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