Alpine Dreamin’: Chamonix and Mont Blanc, France

The September-October time frame is often when Suzanne and I travel to Europe, usually to get in some Alpine hiking and sample the local culture and hearty cuisine. The weather is typically spectacular in late fall, and it’s nice to visit these spots just a few weeks before they close down, as the mountain resorts get ready for the ski season. Alas, due to the ongoing pandemic, we were unable to make the journey this time around.

However, just this week, I was able to retrieve, sort, and edit some of our video footage and photos from a fun trip that we made to the French Alps exactly three years ago this month (September 2017). Better late than never, eh?

Hopefully, you’ll be able to take some hikes on your own this fall. When you have the time, feel free also to travel with us back to this gorgeous part of the world — where modern mountaineering first began in the 19th Century. When hiking around, be careful of the ice, the paragliders, and the ferocious Alpine wildlife.

Click on the following links to begin your virtual Alpine journey:

Chamonix & Mont Blanc, France – Highlights (Video) It’s posted in HD; so check your YouTube settings (e.g., the sprocket) for optimum viewing.

Chamonix and Mont Blanc, France (Photo Album)

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One thought on “Alpine Dreamin’: Chamonix and Mont Blanc, France

  1. Margie Brown

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of your video and picture album of Chamonix and Mont Blanc. My mother was French (a World War II bride who came to America with my Lt.Col Army dad after the war). One of her sisters lived in Ville en Salaz (very close to Chamonix) and all of my children, their spouses and one grandchild visited there over 20 years ago. It’s a real trip down “memory lane”, and I thank you for such beautiful photos capturing the magnificence of the Alps. Thanks to sweet Suzanne as narrator. Toujours Mon Amour–la belle France!

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