Trip to Germany, Bosnia, and Croatia (2009)

Dubrovnik -- Jewel of the Adriatic
Dubrovnik: Jewel of the Adriatic

In 2009, Suzanne and I made a memorable trip to Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina and to Dubrovnik, Korcula, and Hvar in Croatia — several of these locations having served as scenes for some of the worst fighting and violent atrocities during the Yugoslavian wars of independence in the 1990s. What a beautiful region this corner of the world remains today, although unfortunately it has been psychologically scarred by such a terrible period in recent European history.  Physically, the towns and cities have all but recovered, but deep inter-ethic trauma remains.

This presentation features photography of the absolutely gorgeous Dalmatian coast of the eastern Adriatic. Those following HBO’s Game of Thrones series might recognize some of the scenery.  A portion of season 2 was filmed on location in the Dubrovnik area.  Before you get to this part, however, you’ll have to “endure” some photos of beautiful, peaceful Garmisch-Partenkirchen, nestled in the Bavarian Alps, which served as the jumping off point for our poignant journey to the Balkans.

When you run through the presentation on the Picasa web-based program, be ready to click on the “pause” button when you come to my detailed bullet slides. I love to pontificate, and I don’t want anyone to miss a single fact or conclusion in my always insightful analyses.  Besides, you never know when Alex Trebek might be calling you out of the blue and say, “We’d be ever so grateful if you could substitute for a Jeopardy contestant on short notice.”    Seriously, how are you going to respond to him. . . . “Sorry Alex; but that needed to be in the form of a question“?

Click on the following link when you are ready to view the presentation:


– Bruce

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