Trip to Norway (2013)


The Lustrafjord, Norway

Welcome to this year’s presentation!

Suzanne and I spent 14 glorious days in gorgeous Norway in late July and early August 2013; and you are invited to enjoy the video versions of the photography with us by clicking on the links below.

You’ll notice that I’ve created a few more videos than last year’s presentation on Switzerland and Italy.  Not to worry – each segment is much shorter in length.  Hopefully, you will experience fewer buffering problems as you stream the videos; plus you can come back often to view more content.  Perhaps this will make the experience a bit more interactive and enjoyable for you.  (Depending upon your computer, connection, and media viewer, it could still take 30 seconds or more before the video will start playing.  The videos run best on Apple platforms; so if you have an iPad or Mac, try to use either one of these.)

The videos are presented in the order in which we traveled across Norway; therefore, you will be able to go on a virtual journey with us – just as the actual trip unfolded.  Most segments show maps at the beginning; so you will never get lost.

For you fans of the History Channel’s hit series Vikings – O.K., even you’re not – you should begin by viewing the scene setter for our own latter-day Viking quest by clicking on the link entitled Vikings:  Preview of Upcoming Episodes.  Who knows?  These whacky outtakes might eventually see the light of day.

You all have busy schedules; so if you only have time to watch just a couple of the videos, I would encourage you to go straight to my three-part “documentary” on the Norwegian efforts to sabotage the Heavy Water production facility in Telemark that was so vital to the Nazis’ quest to develop an atomic bomb during WWII.  The “trilogy” is titled Tribute to the Heroes of Telemark.

To round out this year’s program, I have penned four short pieces for those who would like to read a little more about the information presented in the videos and the music.  Links to these brief summaries are provided at the bottom of the following program guide.

Enjoy your journey!

– Bruce (April 2014)    

Program Guide (Just click on the links to view the videos)  

Vikings – Preview of Upcoming Episodes

Journey Through Norway

Part 1 – Welcome to Oslo!

Part 2 – The Adventurers

Part 3 – Folk Museum

Part 4 – Borgund and Solvorn

Part 5 – Jostedal Glacier

Part 6 – Aurlandsfjord and the Flam Railway

Part 7 – The Naerofjord

Part 8 – Bergen

Part 9 – The Hardangerfjord

Part 10 – Troll Sightings!

Tribute to the Heroes of Telemark (Act One, Act Two, and Act Three)

* * * * *

To read more about Norway, the music, and the video presentations, click on the following links:

Musical Credits

Of Trolls, Frogs, and Mr. McGregor’s Garden (A story about Edvard Grieg, Norway’s greatest composer)

More on the Telemark Nuclear Sabotage Efforts

A Timeline of Norwegian History – Brief Highlights

* * * * *

If buffering becomes excessive or your media viewer can’t play or interrupts the video, click on Difficulty Viewing Videos? at the very top right of this page.

* * * * *

NOTE:  The videos in this blog are for non-commercial, ad-free private viewing by invited friends and family. They are not for broadcast.  If you have not been invited to view the videos, kindly honor this policy.  The rest of this blog is available for viewing by the general public.  Contact Bruce Slawter via “Leave a Reply” below, if you have any comments, questions, or requests.

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2 thoughts on “Trip to Norway (2013)

  1. Andrew Trolloson

    Looks Great Dad! All the videos seem to check out just fine. Nice work, must have taken a lot of effort!

  2. Bill Uehling

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Norway it was beautiful and very educational. The presentation was extremely professional and I really felt like I was there. What a gift you have given to those of us lucky enough to have joined you in seeing the grand and beautiful sights.
    Smper Fi,
    Bill Uehling

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